Tiffany Smith

Marketing with Purpose

I am an active duty military spouse, and mom of two, unless you count the dogs, cats and fish! :P

Most of all, I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

He ALWAYS comes first!

Amen Sista's and Brotha's!

(Don't make me say that again because I am little northern chick from Idaho, and just can't do that.... ever! haha!)

I was raised by a God-fearing mom with an in-home daycare and a Selfless dad who was and is a carpenter of all trades.  

I love my life and keep it real.

I am professional and authentic and won't let you down.

Life isn't worth half in and half out!

I'm all in and have the stories, and some scars to prove it. 

I live in Alaska with my family of 4.

I enjoy my hot coffee in the morning and hot tea at night. During the day, you will catch me either with my phone or computer in my hands, because well..... It's my jam!

But evenings and weekends, you will find me doing crafts, woodworking in the garage, listening to an audio book, or playing basketball with the kids. (Just to name a few)

If I can leave you with anything from this, it's this...

"Never underestimate the power of choice. What you do with your life is up to you, but you are the one that has to choose."