How to Create a Beautiful Winter Landscape

Just imagine…

Sitting on your maple stained back porch under the ebony colored trellis. It’s weaved with evergreen vines along the elegant posts, and snow-covered cross beams. You are wrapped in your favorite blanket with a hot cup of herbal tea. The firepit is blazing and the peace is apparent like the gentle fluttering snowflakes falling ever so slowly, and melting into the heat of the flickering flames. Your eyes gaze just past the glow and look out upon the yard…… The dead grass and mounds of dog poop the kids never got to. The rusty old chain-link fence so elegantly standing sideways in the snow...

It sounds nice huh?

Well, kind of…

Until you get to the dead grass, dog poop and chain-link fence part.

Let’s rewrite the end of this story.

If you like what you hear, then keep reading and I’ll teach you how to make it a reality.

Okay, Sitting on your maple stained porch……fast forward to…………the fire pit blazing………a little farther…….. and look out upon the yard…..STOP!!!

Let’s start right there.

Just past the glow, the peace and comfort continue. The depths of forest green and vibrance of yellows in the flowerbeds. Along the strong standing wood fence, they are so vibrant and rich; some of which create a glow all their own. In combination with the hot fire like holly berries and deep purple spring bloom leaves, the warmth grows in my soul. The rich ebony mulch feeds off the echoes of color from the Trellis, creating a sense of unity like a warm hug from Grandma on Christmas morning.