How to Reserve Engineer Physician Referrals

Why should a doctor refer to your practice?

Why should someone pick you over your competitors?

Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a doctor's office, have them already know who you are, and ask what's the best way to refer to you?

It's not science fiction, but it can be done!

The secret is gaining trust with the physician and staff. They must view you as the expert that can solve their patients' problems.

✨Here are 5 ways you can do just that:

1) Ask your patients for testimonials and use these to promote to doctors, current and past patients, and the community.

2) Train your therapists to remind patients to keep their doctors informed of the progress you are making together.

3) Consistently provide the doctors with professional marketing materials from you. They probably don't know exactly what you do and who they can send to you. SO make sure to do your part in bridging that lack of knowledge.

4) Have guidelines on which patients are appropriate to refer out to different physicians, and keep a current list handy of doctors you trust.

5) Doctors will judge you by how you look. Make sure all your marketing materials and your practice, are professionally branded. The doctor is putting their own reputation on the line by referring patients to you.

🪴 Using these 5 tips, you will have Physician Referrals rolling in!

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